Moving Supplies


Boxing up the items you want to store seems like a simple step, but have you put any thought towards how to keep those items in good condition while they are in storage?

We want to help.  We have packing materials such as  bubble wrap and wrapping paper to help keep fragile items like dishes from breaking while you move them.  Additionally, you can get all the tape you would need for your boxes while you’re here.  Sealing boxes gets a lot easier with a dispenser and a few extra rolls.

What about protecting your goods once they’re in the unit?  We have some tips to consider.

For instance, keeping furniture and clothing dry is very important, which means more than just putting it into the unit and closing the door.  Consider using some Damp Check moisture absorbent to keep the humidity in your unit down during damp seasons.  Also, using extra cardboard or wooden pallets on the floor of your unit can keep moisture from soaking into your favorite box of shirts. Check out our helpful hints guide under our storage page for more ideas.

Also, keep in mind that different kinds of items should be packed in different sized boxes.  Large boxes are great for clothing, bedding, or toys, but you wouldn’t want to try to pick one up after putting all of your pots and pans in it – try a medium box for that.  Wardrobe boxes come in really handy for storing dress clothes.  They stand 4 feet high, and come with a hangar bar so that you can take clothes straight from your closet into the box!

You don’t have to buy boxes one at a time!  Try one of our different moving packages!









Small Moving Package     Medium Moving Package      Large Moving Package
-5 Small Boxes -10 Small Boxes -12 Small Boxes
-5 Medium Boxes -7 Medium Boxes -8 Medium Boxes
-1 Large Box -3 Large Boxes -4 Large Boxes
-1 roll of bubble wrap -1 box of wrapping paper -2 Extra Large Boxes
-1 roll of tape -1 roll of bubble wrap -1 box of wrapping paper
-2 rolls of tape -2 rolls of bubble wrap
-2 rolls of tape

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